PJJ leverages state-of-the-art technology for greater service and value to our clients. We are able to manage our work with efficiency from discovery to the courtroom and manage even the largest cases with hundreds of thousands of documents while keeping our clients abreast of every facet of the litigation. Our attorneys utilize document management, document imaging and image management tools, trial presentation software and other legal-specific technology. PJJ prides itself on our commitment to keeping our systems and training current.

We offer our clients a secure extranet site to store matter information and data. The server on which the data is hosted is in a secure facility which requires biometric authentication for authorized access. PJJ does not use offshore locations for storing data.

PJJ takes its responsibility for protecting client data very seriously. We are experienced with engagements that must remain confidential, even from other employees at the firm. We have written policies and procedures in place to ensure that all of our employees take additional precautions regarding highly-sensitive information, and our employees are regularly trained on the firm's security requirements. Our current technology has the capability to secure sensitive material on our network through a multi-layered intrusion prevention system, which is carefully maintained and closely monitored.