Ronald Goldstock

Ronald Goldstock

Of Counsel

Ronald Goldstock is Of Counsel with Pugh, Jones & Johnson.  He provides Independent Private-Sector Inspector General (IPSIG), expert witness, and investigative services for corporate, union, and individual clients.  Ronald was, for 10 years, the New York State Commissioner of the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor and previously served for thirteen years as Director of the New York State Organized Crime Task Force.  He has also served as Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Labor, Director of the Cornell Institute on Organized Crime, and Chief of the Rackets Bureau in the New York County District Attorney's office.   He is a Past Chair of the ABA Criminal Justice Section, Past Chairs of the ABA Criminal Justice Standards Committee, of the Investigative Function of the Prosecutor Task Force, of the Fair Trial Free Press Task Force and is currently Chair of the Monitors Task Force.  Ronald is on the faculties of the New York University, Cornell, and Columbia Law Schools and has recently served three Northern Ireland Secretaries of State as adviser on matters relating to international organized crime, and he teaches seminars on Organized Crime Control, Corruption Control, and Criminal Trial Process.


  • After a 2007 scandal at the Waterfront Commission of NY Harbor, he was appointed to clean up and reinvigorate the agency.  His staff, hired on merit rather than patronage, has held public hearings exposing no-show and low-show jobs, has insisted on fair hiring of a diverse work force and has investigated scores of racketeers and corrupt labor officials leading to numerous convictions and de-registration.
  • As Director of the Organized Crime Task Force, he turned what had been a termed “moribund agency”into a model for the control of organized and white collar crime, playing critical roles in the Cosa Nostra Commission, Lucchese and Gambino Family prosecutions, Cali Cartel drug and money laundering cases.  Under his leadership, OCTF produced highly acclaimed analytic reports on corruption and racketeering in the construction and carting industries. In his capacity as Director, he conceived, designed, and developed the IPSIG Program.
  • Ronald has monitored companies in a variety of industries pursuant to court orders, prosecutive and agency appointments and voluntary decisions.  He routinely ensured that companies and unions operated with integrity, particularly in industries with a history of corruption and racketeering, created codes of conduct and ethics, designed financial systems, compliance programs, and anti-money laundering procedures. 

Service and Memberships

  • Member, Board of Directors of the New York Convention ("Javits") Center Operating Corporation
  • Chair of the Finance Committee and Governance Committee.  Past Chair of the Audit Committee.
  • Member, Hills Governance Program Academic Council
  • Referee, NYS Commission on Judicial Conduct
  • Finance Officer, American Bar Association, Criminal Justice Section


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