PJJ's extensive mediation experience complements the trial practice services we provide to clients. We take pride in a high success rate in our mediation work, and believe that the key to that success is how effectively we work with our clients to identify disputes for which mediation provides the "right" response. We also work closely with clients to develop a shared evaluation of the merits of a case; this allows our clients’ decision-makers to pick the point in the "life cycle" of a dispute where mediation is most likely to succeed in resolving the problem.

This process begins by helping business managers to select the type of mediation or other ADR best suited to a particular dispute. We show clients and the businesses they help to run how they may use different types of ADR and mediation formats within different business units where appropriate. We work as mediation partners in the essential process of setting objective and realistic goals, priorities and a range of acceptable outcomes and by participating in the development of strategy and approaches with decision-makers and client counsel. We also identify specific impediments to success, and formulate plans to avoid or overcome such potential problems for each dispute.

Our specialized mediation advocacy takes advantage of how the mediation process differs from trial. While PJJ provides both types of advocacy for clients–and often in the same matter–we recognize that the focused skills and techniques needed to reach a successful result through mediation differ from those we use in preparing a case for trial and actually trying the case. We use different approaches and urge the careful selection of mediators whose varying styles–evaluative, facilitative or others–are key components to the success equation.

PJJ has mediated disputes from all areas of our practice and for most of the companies we serve. These include employment matters at every stage from administrative using internal EEOC mediators, contract mediators, and private mediators through appeals as well as products liability, patent and other commercial disputes. We have mediation experience in the manufacturing, service, technology and healthcare fields, among others.