Compliance and Internal Investigations

PJJ lawyers have experience with corporate investigations from several essential perspectives: we have conducted them firsthand, as outside counsel; directed them as corporate counsel; and used them as federal prosecutors in white collar criminal matters. From these multiple points of participation, we understand our clients' goals and concerns as well as the issues likely to be presented by prosecutors. We bring practical experience negotiating with the Department of Justice and local U.S. Attorney's offices and various state and local regulators as well as agency inspectors general. Our broad experience both sharpens our focus and reduces costs as we identify critical issues and separate them from chafe. Every investigation is a serious undertaking. Yet we recognize that few warrant the scope and expense of "bet-the-company" cases. We know the difference and help clients apply appropriate judgment at every stage to assess and maintain compliance efforts and responses that meet competing needs.

Pugh Jones excels in applying practical experience.

We guide our clients through several different phases of the compliance process:

  • We provide training in many different areas, such as FCPA, Money Laundering, Antitrust, and OFCCP-Employment;
  • We conduct risk assessments and compliance audits to help clients ensure that their conduct meets the requirements of the relevant laws and their own internal ethics codes;
  • We act as defense counsel if our clients are the subject of a prosecutorial inquiries or enforcement actions;
  • We regularly conduct internal investigations of all levels of importance-from the matters that are strictly internal, to those that warrant self disclosures or are initiated by the government; and
  • We represent our clients against individuals or companies who have committed a crime against our clients

Smart, cost-effective counseling.

The breadth of our practice is unusually strong for a firm that does not charge Wall Street rates.  We represent some of the largest corporations in the world, and our practice is global, covering clients in the United States, Europe, Asia and Latin America. Our practice is also highly relevant to heavily regulated industries, having guided clients facing allegations including:

  • Health care fraud and abuse
  • Foreign Corrupt Practice Act violations
  • Government supplier contract issues
  • OFAC
  • Bribery and kickbacks
  • Pricing and market collusion
  • Sales of FDA-prohibited goods
  • Bank fraud
  • Official misconduct