Alternative Fees

PJJ places a premium on delivering the highest quality work product when promised and within the cost parameters discussed with clients at the outset of our working relationship. We use fixed fees, capped fees and various incentive arrangements either in lieu of or as complementary components of an overall plan to control costs without compromising results. PJJ also offers discounts based on the volume of work assigned.

With our clients, we develop alternative fee arrangements on specific matters based upon our shared understanding of the particular business and legal goals. We understand our clients' paramount need to predict legal expenses accurately and deliver services within budget. Having served as both outside and in-house counsel, PJJ partners understand the importance of developing a legal and financial plan at the outset of a matter to assure that we meet our clients' goals. Our Early Case Assessment Plan includes an evaluation of the merits and forum, the broader business goals at hand, and the external factors that may impact the case. By creating this Plan together, we share our clients' need to control costs and identify opportunities for early resolution.

We welcome the opportunity to explore additional fee alternatives at our clients' request.